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E43 Frontside (WE‘RE BACK BABBBYYY!!!)

September 22, 2021

Episode 43 has arrived after A YEAR AND HALF OF PANDEMIC!!!


We are SO SO SO glad to be back and hanging out with Walter of the amazing band, Frontside! The Raleigh, NC progressive pop punk trio recently released an EP, "Closer To Closure", and Walter is here to provide all the details on its release as well as the history of the band! As a special return episode treat we reviewed albums from both weeks of September 3rd and 10th! Please go support Frontside by checking out their new acoustic single, "Take Heed" and seeing them at Welcome To The Family Fest on Friday October 15th at the Milestone Club in Charlotte NC!

Albums reviewed this week:

  • Just Friends - JF Crew, Vol 3 (Pure Noise)
  • Boy Named Sue - The Way I Was (Independent)
  • Carnifex - Graveside Confessions (Nuclear Blast)
  • Dead / Awake - Melancholia (We Are Triumphant)
  • Earth Groans - The Body (Facedown)
  • Iron Maiden - Senjutsu (Warner Bros.)
  • Jail Socks - Coming Down (Counter Intuitive)
  • Meadows - In Those Days & Also After (Facedown)
  • Mourn - The Next Life (Independent)
  • New Found Glory - Forever and Ever x Infinity..... And Beyond!!! (Hopeless)
  • Aborted - ManiaCult (Century Media)
  • Aphasia - Rebirth (Blood Blast)
  • The Death Set - How to Tune a Parrot (Cobraside, Behomoth)
  • Hawthorne Heights - The Rain Just Follows Me (Pure Noise)
  • Inferi - Vile Genesis (The Artisan Era)
  • RVNT - Hell Follows Me (Theoria)
  • Sincere Engineer - Bless My Psyche (Hopeless)
  • We Were Promised Jetpacks - Enjoy The View (Big Scary Monsters)


Festival Promo!

Welcome To The Family Festival is finally able to have its sequel! Friday October 15th, Saturday October 16th and Sunday October 17th @ The Milestone Club in Charlotte NC! Tickets are just $18/day or $48/weekend to see 32 amazing bands! 


Tickets @


Thank you so much to:

Celeste Funk - for being a boss ass editor

Zack Dufort (Exodian Studios) - for providing deliciously heavy interlude riffs

and of course Walter Stanley (Frontside) - for sitting and chatting with us <3


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