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E49 The Bronze Age

November 17, 2021

Episode # 49 featuring The Bronze Age is here!!


The Bronze Age is here in the studio to promo their new single, "Mixed Signals" and chat about the future! The emo rock outfit from Raleigh, NC released a string of singles over 2021 and we're excited to hear their plans for 2022! Album reviews this week are from November 5th 2021! Go ahead and find a Bronze Age show to go to (INCLUDING TODAY 11/17 @ AMOS SOUTHEND IN CHARLOTTE NC) and listen to their new single, "Mixed Signals"!

Albums reviewed this week:

  • Bullet for My Valentine - Bullet for My Valentine (Spinefarm)
  • (EP) Heart Attack Man - Thoughtz & Prayerz (Triple Crown)
  • (EP) Like Moths to Flames - Pure Like Porcelain (UNFD)
  • Portrayal of Guilt - Christfucker (Run for Cover)
  • SeeYouSpaceCowboy - The Romance of Affliction (Pure Noise)
  • Youth Fountain - Keepsakes & Reminders (Pure Noise)


Thank you so much to:

Celeste Funk - for being a boss ass editor

Zack Dufort (Exodian Studios) - for providing deliciously heavy interlude riffs

Jesse, Mike and Casey for chit chatting with ya bois <3


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